February 2011

i’m black

22 February 2011

Sorry, I meant “I’m back.” Well, I’m both. I’m black back. Anyway, here’s what I have been up to. Ponytails. My mom corrals my straight pieces into a ponytail and I am really working this. A great way to jazz up a mullet fro. Also, I have no choice. Don’t know nothing ’bout birthing no […]

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be cool. how to and why not?

9 February 2011

1. Mask your hangover with obnoxious sunglasses. 2. Yawn. People are so dull these days. 3. Be fed. Never feed. 4. Look down upon your parents with disdain, pity, and a little vomit. 5. Horrify the elderly by mauling a child, squirrel, or AARP pamphlet.

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3 questions, craig

3 February 2011

Irma Lettie isn’t the only orphan in my life. I also spend a lot of time with Craig, a dapper young man who questionably wears a yellow velvet, three-piece suit. Craig has a full head of soft brown yarn and I like to run my teeth through it. He has a very dry sense of […]

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