by little wakka on 8 March 2013

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I must have thumb. This week I went to the dentist. He told me I need to try to stop drinking my thumb. I simply cannot.

Even in my fetal senior photo (aka ultrasound) I was drinking my thumb.

From the archives:

As you can see, I enjoy digging (nose or belly button) while I drink of the thumb.

My mom tried to reason with me. She’s a fool.

Mom: Remember, the dentist said you have to try to not drink your thumb.

Me: Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh. But it tastes so good.

Mom: What does it taste like?

Me: It tastes like finger. It is so tasty.

What do you think, babies? Can I reform? Does the thirst for finger ever subside?


garden girl

by little wakka on 24 February 2013

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I found Madi in a garden. Watch me go from zero to hug in .06 seconds.

Then I let her watch me eat cake.


is this still a blog?

by little wakka on 6 January 2013

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Let’s rehash, shall we? My mom’s camera broke in August. I did a few iPhone posts but my heart wasn’t in it. The iPhone is, after all, just an Instagram device that also makes phone calls. At Christmas a miracle happened and my mom got a new camera, so I am back in business here. When I say “business” I mean this blog that makes me no money at all.

If you’ve been missing reading angry toddler rants on the internet, you now have a reason to get out of bed. Let’s speed through my sabbatical, photographically, so we can move on the present.


beach – science museum – picnic – play – brunch

downtown disney – cousin penelope – brunch – pumpkinfest

glig visit – rock star – mobile, al – flash dance – maka (grandma) – cousin ama – nahli at 4

Wow, I just realized that fall was awesome!



9 October 2012

I’m slowly dominating Orlando. Chocolate meringues from Yalaha Bakery at Lake Ivanhoe. By “meringue” I mean this delicacy. Look at Mama Foot, trying to get a taste. Me picking out what I actually wanted, a $5 cupcake. Why even ask, mom? Vintage clothier. Man, I need a friend. One kid on cement stairs does not […]

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tiny tea

4 October 2012

Have you missed me, babies? I have been busy having the world’s tiniest tea party with my imaginary friend, Empty, and my imaginary brother, Eebee.

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